Tips for helping your child eat better | CP3 Basketball Academy
1.Set the example you want them to follow. It’s unrealistic to expect your children to eat healthy foods if you eat a lot of junk food. This isn’t easy, but your children are worth it.
2.Instill in your child the importance of drinking lots  of water. Teach them that when they are thirsty they should reach for a glass of water before juice, milk or soda. It is recommended that we should drink half our weight in ounces every day.  For example, if your child weighs 60lbs. then you should drink 30oz per day.
3.Don’t shop for food when you’re hungry because you will generally choose less healthy foods for your family and buy too much of it.
4.Make sure to always have healthy snacks available. (Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, etc.) Don’t make junk food too readily available. Practice moderation. The habits that your children develop as kids could be with them for a lifetime. What eating habits do you want them to have?
5.Minimize processed food. Here’s a good rule of thumb : The longer the list of ingredients it contains, the less of it you should eat.
6. Minimize fried food and condiments. This is where the majority of children usually consumed massive amounts of excess empty calories.
7.To help ease into this ,start by ignoring his list one day a week and let your child eat pretty much whatever they want, in moderation of course.