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Ten Tips for Parents
Although there are various styles of parenting, if your goal is to raise your child to become a confident, healthy, happy, and contributing member of society, then pretty much all of the experts would agree with the following basic parenting tips:
  • Love them unconditionally. Never let them forget that regardless of what they do or where they go you will always love them.
  • Constantly catch them “doing things right.” This will reinforce appropriate behavior, and it is the right thing to do.
  • Give them choices, not ultimatums. Whenever possible make sure they have options to choose from. For example, “Would you like to do your homework now, or in twenty minutes after you’ve rested?”
  • Pick your battles. Pope John Paul II said “See everything, overlook a lot, correct a little.” If you want to create distance between you and your children, the easiest way to do so is to nit- pick them.
  • Public praise; Private reprimand. Avoid disciplining your child in front of others as it is extremely humiliating.
  • Never compare. Very few things will lower a child’s self-image faster than comparing them negatively with other siblings or friends.
  • Set boundaries and stick to them. Everyone in the house should know what the rules are and what the consequences are for breaking them. Be firm but fair.
  • Inspire them to greatness. Constantly affirm them, believe in them, let them feel their potential. Never make them feel foolish for dreaming big.
  • Be easily in awe. There is nothing more important, especially with young children, than to be impressed when they’ve done something well and are seeking your approval.
  • Don’t speak out of anger. It is natural to lose your temper from time to time. But, beware of what you say when your self-control is gone. If you don’t watch your words, chances are they will come back to bite later.