Summer Camp Grinds | CP3 Basketball Academy


On the basketball court summer is a time to separate yourself from your peers! Come join us for our Summer Grind Camps so we can help you continue to get better in all aspects of the game. Summer Grind Camps will be four sessions that focus mainly on shooting, ball handling, and footwork. We will work on all aspects of the game and include competition, fun, and games. Spend the summer with us getting better each week!
Summer Grind Camps: Session 1 June 21st-24th
(3rd-8th Grade)
Summer Grind Camps:: Session 2  July 12th-15th
(3rd – 8th Grade)
Summer Grind Camps:Session 3 July 26th-29th
 (3rd-8th Grade)
Summer Grind Camps: Session 4 August 9th-12th
 (3rd-8th Grade)