Here are some suggestions for helping your child re-establish habits that will help them be successful in school:
  • •ESTABLISH AND WRITE OUT A DAILY SCHEDULE: Write out a schedule for school days listing the time your child will get up, have breakfast, leave for school, and what time they’ll get home, have dinner, do homework, and go to bed. You can post this on your refrigerator or use a small white board.


  • Discuss this in advance with your child allowing them some level of input depending on their age and maturity. While your word is final, getting their agreement on the schedule helps reduce resistance down the road.


  • ESTABLISH A MORNING ROUTINE: Make sure that your child starts every morning with a healthy breakfast. Like a car, their body needs the proper fuel to perform at peak levels.


  • ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING:Remind your children to go to school each day ready to focus, work hard and have fun learning.


  • GREAT HOMEWORK HABITS: Have a set time and a quiet place for your child to do homework. Encourage them to do a thorough job and remind them to always hand it in.


  • COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR TEACHER: Teachers are smart, but they can’t read minds. Great relationships come from great communication. Ask questions and share concerns.


  • SHARE AT HOME:Ask your children what they learned in school today. Ask them to tell you their favorite part of their day. Give them your full attention and be easily in awe of their achievements. Compliment them when they do a great job telling you about their day.


  • ENCOURAGE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Be highly supportive of their friendships with kids who have good character and good habits. And gently discourage relationships with kids who might have a negative influence. The keyword is “gently.” This is an exercise in subtlety. Very small signals from you can have very strong influence. But if you exert too much force, kids may rebel or elect not to share the names of the kids they play with.


  • ESTABLISH A BEDTIME ROUTINE: The goal is for them to get back in the habit of going to bed at a specific time every night, early enough to allow them to get enough sleep. Establish a routine of ending the day with low energy activities like reading. Be certain that you make the bedtime routine a habit, so that it becomes virtually automatic.
And don’t forget that the focus, self-discipline, and perseverance that children learn from basketball also help them do their best in school!