CP3 Basketball Academy may grant registration fee scholarships to children who without this financial assistance would not be able to participate in a sports program which emphasizes life skills and personal development. CP3 BA looks to apply its scholarship funds to sports programs that provide the physical, mental, and character-training benefits to help a child succeed. Scholarships are only available to cover the cost of registration for the approved programs and are not available to cover any additional costs (equipment, merchandise, etc.). In order to obtain financial assistance, Athletes are also required to provide documentation of good performance in school and engagement in community service.

Please be aware that Scholarship Funds are limited. Our primary goal is to help as many young athletes as we possibly can. In an effort to help as many families as possible, we are asking families taking advantage of our program to contribute some amount towards their registration.

Scholarships can be offered in both FULL and PARTIAL amounts to allow us to help more families in need; however preference is shown to those families who provide some amount towards their monthly dues, however small. Awards of assistance are NOT guaranteed to every applicant.

Please send email and phone number to the below contact and an application will be sent to you:

Contact: Michael Gaskins