Monthly Memberships


Monthly Memberships


skills & Drills 

Skills & Drills is the "meat and potatoes" of our organization, where athletes are given information to improve their basketball IQ and their game.  That information is applied and implemented in an immediate setting, then taken and worked on as often as possible to create habit and instinct in basketball functions.  

There are up to 40 athletes in a session, so a very common talking point is to "compete not compare."   Athletes are constantly reminded that their individual improvement is based on their work ethic and attitude, and not the athlete next to them.  


Juniors (grades k-2)

Day/Time: Sun 3p-5p

Fee: $79/mo. + one-time $50 registration

Seniors (grades 3-8)

Day/Time: Mon-Thurs 5:30p & 6:30p 

Fee: $110/mo. + one-time $50 registration fee



High school

Day/Time: Mon-Thurs 6a & 7:30p 

Fee: $250/mo. + one-time $50 registration

Individual & Small Groups

Individual & Small Groups


extra focus 

Our individual and small group development focus is more isolated to a specific area of development for an individual athlete or a small group as a whole.  This is the perfect environment to focus on a skill, get more individual attention and compete against similar skill set athletes to improve overall game.


Individual Development

  • Academy Members $50/hr.
  • Non-Members $75/hr.

Partner Development

2 Athletes + 1 Developer

  • Academy Members $45/hr. per athlete
  • Non-Members $60/hr. per athlete



Small group Development

 3 - 6 Athletes + 1 Developer

  • Academy Members $40/hr. per athlete
  • Non-Members $45/hr. per athlete

Team Development

Team Development

Our 1-hour Team Development program will take your team or program to the next level. We'll give you off-season, pre-season and in-season cultural enhancers, preparation techniques, methods, skills and drills.

  • 10 team members minimum -  20 maximum
  • 1-2 Developers per session
  • $10/per athlete

Call 336.448.4449 to set up an appointment.