What you see is what you get…or is it?
Two people were walking down a road after a rain shower. One looks down and sees mud and complains that it is a miserable day. The other looks up and observes a rainbow in the emerging sun and smells the freshness in the air. Both are absolutely correct in what they see; yet they are worlds apart.
Which one would you rather have as your friend?
While they are both on the same road together, they are worlds apart. One lives a far richer and more abundant life than the other. One blames his “rotten luck” and discounts the others abundance as just good luck. Yet, the simple truth is that each person HAS DECIDED to focus upon and give his energy and attention to different elements of the same journey. One limits his joy and opportunities, while the other opens himself to beauty and awe.
It is good judgment to have an enlightened self-interest and to learn and grow mentally by choosing to see the good in ever
situation. This enriches our lives and opens the door to better opportunities. This is the way life works! The choice is ours in every situation, moment by moment, day after day.