I accept Positive energy | CP3 Basketball Academy

Im pretty sure that most of us do our best to accept critiques from others. We might not always like it, but the majority of the time we thank people for their feedback and then do our best to absorb the information. Sometimes, we might graciously accept negative feedback even when it’s not true.But, what most of us don’t do as well as we might is accept positive feedback. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who has sloughed off a compliment from a friend instead of responding with a sincere “thank you” and then soaking in their kind words

.The mindset “I Accept Positive Energy” deals with this concept. It refers to making a conscious choice to accept positive feedback from others instead of downplaying it. We all hear enough negativity every day. When we hear some good stuff, let’s absorb it. Let’s enjoy it. Remember, when someone gives you a compliment it is a gift and all you have to do to accept the gift is to say, “Thank you.”

Another thing we can do to get connected to the uplifting energy around us is to surround ourselves with optimistic people and an upbeat environment. I know you know this, but the question is…are you doing it? I once heard Tony Robbins say, “Stand guard at the door of your mind.” His advice was to be careful about what you let into your head because it can’t help but affect you in some way. A good example of this would be the news on TV. Have you ever watched the local news and walked away feeling great about yourself and your community? Probably not. Chances are you turned off the TV asking yourself, “What is the world coming to?” I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be informed about what’s happening in your community and in the world. I’m just saying that you should be careful of how much time you spend becoming informed and also be thoughtful about the sources of your information. I specifically remember turning off the TV after watching the news one day and wondering how, as a country, we were going to make it through the year. Gas prices were high, stock was falling and terrorists were running rampant. Sounds familiar? Well, I was a sophomore in high school and the year was 1975. Guess what?We made it through.And we’ll make it through our current challenges as well.The difficulty is that if we let ourselves get too wrapped up in all the negativity surrounding us, it will become our reality. To a certain degree, I think that ignorance is bliss.