Why do some people heal faster from Injuries?

Via: US.News

Think about the last time you got injured. Maybe you sprained an ankle or sustained a stress fracture . Were you back to 100 percent (or at least close to it) in next to no time? Or did the injury seem to linger – and the recovery process drag on?

Certainly every injury is different. However, why is it that some people – such as pro athletes – often seem to recover faster than others? Experts say some big factors may be out of your control, such as genetics (the same physical gifts that, say, make a person faster and stronger may speed recovery, too) and having hyper-ready access to world-class care that allows for treatment and rehab at much more regular intervals.

While you may not be a pro athlete, there are things most people can do to speed recovery.

The article by staff writer Micheal O. Schroeder explains  a few steps you can take to help with the recovery process and to get your athlete back in the game.

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