Develop Positive Rituals | CP3 Basketball Academy

“Take care of the days and the years take care of themselves.”

This concept is so simple that it’s often overlooked, but it’s an important one to remember.Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz’a book, The Power of Full Engagement, explains the importance of developing positive daily rituals. In a nutshell: long-term success can be directly related to the number of positive rituals an individual has developed.

Think about your day from start to finish.

What has become your routine?

•When do you wake up?•

What do you eat for breakfast?

•What books do you read?•

Do you exercise?

Once you’ve done answered these questions for a day (better yet, a week), go back and decide if what you are doing is what is most beneficial to you. If it is, keep going! If not, what can you do differently!